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I want to attend a school in a different city but I don t want to move houses.?

I am 13 and about to go into highschool. I have a school a couple of cities away and I really want to go there but my family doesn t have enough money to move. That is the closest school that specializes in the type of career I want but I m afraid it will interfere being so far away. Is there any way I can attend my chosen school without having to leave my current residence or having to drive hours a day?

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  • Laurie
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    2 weeks ago

    In most communities, it is ILLEGAL to attend a school outside your district, unless you pay tuition as an out-of-district resident.

    However, your community could be different. Call the main administration office (not the school) for the school district and ask whether they accept out-of-district students.

    Furthermore... how would you get to school everyday? Have you thought about that? If your parents don’t have much money, how would they pay for transportation?

    If you have a friend or relative who lives in the district, perhaps you could live with them, if this is allowed by the school district. If your parents should pay for your room and board.

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