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Vivid dreaming ?

I wake up during the night and stay awake for hrs. During that time I see very vivid cartoons but my eyes are closed. The pillow was in front of one eye so I could only see the cartoons out of that eye. It fascinated me so much I moved the pillow so I could look with both eyes and sure enough, I could see the cartoons on the white dresser beside my bed. It didn't matter whether my eyes were opened or closed.  I really tried to pay attention to whether my eyes being opened or closed and could plainly determine it made no difference at all. Upon further awareness, I noticed that my brain inside my head was shaking. I thought I was having a mini-stroke but then I thought that I must be having a side effect of two meds that are not compatible. 

I couldn't wait for the next night so I could see this again but it was not cartoons I was seeing but monsters still I paid attention because I knew that the pictures were inside my head. Again I could feel my brain shaking. 

The next night It didn't occur but I still didn't find the time to look on the web if I was having problems with my meds.  

Two nights passed without anything then for the next two nights it was very vivid eyelashes everywhere I know that I must be looking at my own eyelashes with my eyes half-closed but the cartoons started afterwords. 

This is what brought me here to this topic. I would love to know if anyone has ever had this experience and where can I find drug interactions on the web. 

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