I cannot remember this RnB song! It is driving me crazy. But, I do remember the music video.?

Literally, I cannot remember this RnB song for the life of me. But, I do remember the music video! It is a female artist. The music video is about her man switching up on her. The music video is also a story line. In this story line he introduces his close female childhood friend to his girlfriend. The female friend is very touchy with him and in the end of the music video you see he kisses his female friend. The male lead is played by a dark skin black man. 

There was also a part 2 for this story line with another song she released. In the opening scene, he buys her a coffee in a coffee shop. 

I know this is like really specific and an odd thing to post about, but I have been driving myself insane for weeks over this. Thank you!

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