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What is a nice and reliable 2 door car i can get under $5000?

So im looking for a car. I currently still drive my old car but it's in pretty tough shape as it was in 2 accidents none of which were my fault. Know the car is only worth $550 So it's not worth putting a new bumper and fender as it will likely cost more then the car is worth. I temporary fixed it by holding in the bumper with zipties but it looks hideous. Im thinking of getting a used car under $5000. I do like 2 door cars and im not in a rush to buy it as my old one still drives. I just want to look for a great deal and take my time. What car would you recommend?

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  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Avoid 2 door cars. Insurance is higher and more likely to have been driven hard or abused.

    Probably Toyota, Honda, Mazda or Hyundai.  Issue is the first 2 are often overpriced by sellers.

    If you want a good deal, you will want to avoid dealers. Private parties should be $500-1000+ less.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Get a Miata.  Make sure the top and the heater works.

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