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what would it mean if asked a horary question: "Will my machine work properly after repair?" & the moon is void of course in chart?


i have read that when the moon is void that it means either "nothing will happen" or "nothing to worry about" which is it in this case maybe? and if the moon is void, wouldd that mean that the answer is "no"? or what? can explain? how would i determine if the answer is NO? (before actually testing it after repair, of course)

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    Lilly said something like this of the void Moon (not a verbatim quote): "Things will hardly go on." To the contemporary ear this sounds like "Nothing will happen." In Lilly's day "hardly" meant "with difficulty." So the answer to,"Will my machine work properly after repair," could be "Yes but there will be difficulties with the machine, before it does." In other words the repair might not be done properly the first time. 

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