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How do I style my hair when my ears are big?

So I'm a guy who has pretty big ears and I always wear a hat been wearing one for 5 years straight now the hat covers my ears by tucking them in I never go outside without a hat and I never take it off cause I'm insecure about my ears nobody really knows that I have big ears except for my family cause I'm always wearing a hat 

My hair is no good I tried so many times letting it grow but it just grows so weird and I look so weird I have wavy curly hair but not like other people who have wavy/curly hair mines just weird so I can't grow it out I look better with shorter/medium hair but my freaking ears stick out like a little tiny mouse and my head is small with a flat back so I was just wondering if there was hairstyle for guys with big ears? 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    maybe you should go to a hair salon and have them help you with it

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