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is it weird to prefer medication rectally rather then orally?

I talked to a pharmacist once about my migraines and they said to try Tylenol suppositories to help as I get severely nauseous and violently throw up any oral meds that I take.  I tried them and I fell in love with them.  I found that they worked better and faster then oral meds.  I could take a med orally and still have headache 4 hours later and the suppository would clean my headache in like 2 hours.  I ended up asking my doc for anti nausea suppositories as I cant keep meds down when nauseous so he gave me some and I prefer them as well.  I know I have been told before that I am kinky for taking suppositories but I find that they work better then oral meds.  this morning I woke up with a massive sinus headache was so nauseous, I took a Tylenol suppository at 8am and by 830 I felt human again.  other night I had major sinus headache as well from being sick and I needed pain meds but tried to not take any but ended up taking a suppository as the pain was just so bad.  is it weird that I prefer suppositories over other meds because they work faster?  I take migraine meds and I wanted to get it in a suppository instead of oral because of the nausea I get with migraine but I would not use it when out in public so that might not be a good option but if I was at home I would use it.  is this weird or normal?

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    screw normal..  do what works best.

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    i think its normal for you if you need to use them that way

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    No. Do whatever floats your boat.

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