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what do astrologers predict about the 2020 election? will Trump win again? why think so or not?

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    Astrologers, as a group, or the consensus of astrologers, almost always pick the Democrat.  They have an amazing track record.  They're always right when the Democrat wins. This isn't true of every astrologer of course, a few picked Trump to win in 2016, but most picked Clinton.  Then the losers did what liberals do every time the're wrong.  Instead of looking inward, they blamed his birth certificate and came up with the most ridiculous reasons why it was wrong. So the answer to your question is: they will pick the Democrat whomever he or she is.

    Here is a better question: is it possible to use astrology to consistently pick the winner of a US Presidential election?  My answer is "probably not." If it is possible, we're doing it all wrong.  Ever since Ptolemy (1st century AD) astrologers have taken for granted the idea of the "inception chart," i.e. the valid chart for anything is it's beginning.  This is done with natal astrology, obviously but also in mundane and electional astrology (the astrology of choosing the best time to begin something). OK so when does the US Presidential election begin, and where? Traditionally some burg in New Hampshire Dixville Notch) casts all ballots right after midnight on election day, closes their polls and report the results. Is that the place? If it is, then they should always pick the winner, right (for a while they had a pretty good track record, but not recently)?. What about the opening of the polls in time zones other than the Eastern?  Don't they count? 

    Then there is the only thing modern astrologers seem to know how to do: transits to natal planets.  This is a particularly useless method as the last election demonstrated perfectly. If there is any way to do this with natal charts, my guess is that primary and/or secondary directions would be far more useful than transits, but I wouldn't bet on this either.

    What about the method suggested by one prominent astrologer: the candidate who has the most in common with the national chart? This makes far more sense than transits (a full explanation would take too much space), but which is the correct national chart, and how do we weight the factors if both candidates has a great deal in common with a national chart or neither does? 

    The root of the problem is that astrology developed from and in eras that took absolute birthright monarchy for granted. The idea of a popular election of a nation's leader would never have occurred to them and might have even been considered offensive to the intellect. God chose the leaders not the riffraff. 

    I would try to make an argument that this area is fertile ground for research but we have so few elections for a sample and we don't have accurate birth data for every winning and losing candidate, so we plead insufficient data. 

    On the other hand, it's fun to fool around with the various methods, make a prediction, and see how it turns out.  Just don't bet heavily on your outcome. 

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    He will because Foxx News and anti-immigration is too strong plus he has jupiter and uranus in alignment with his head

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