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which kinds of progressions, transits and aspects probably is Prince Andrew probably suffering from lately ? can explain?

i have not looked at his Solar return or progressions or transits, but what kinds of things he is probably suffering from now in his progressions transits and solar return chart? can explain?

how associated with what he is going through now? and do you think he is guilty of what he is accused of? ( I read that the Queen has ordered that he lose his salary, etc)

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    First, Prince Andrew's birth time is given as 3:30 PM.  On the half hour times are always questionable especially in this case.  His Sun is 0 Pisces 00' 09"  If he was born a few minutes earlier, The Sun would be in Aquarius and its dispositor is Saturn instead of Jupiter.  The data is rated A, and so I'll stick with it.

    What do I think?  He's as guilty as sin.  Looking over his progressions and solar return is quite a bit of work that I didn't do, but a couple of obvious things present themselves.  The Natal 12th house (secrets) holds Cancer and is ruled by the Moon.  The Moon, exaltation ruler of the 10th sign, is setting, i.e. on the DSC. I've seen more than a few charts that have the progressed Moon setting at bad times in the life.  

    His solar return has his natal ASC (Leo) on the MC.  The spotlight is on him. Mars is the ASC ruler of the Solar Return and it, too is setting, opposing the ASC, and Mars rules the natal MC, his reputation. 

    So briefly, the charts show a tough time this year for his reputation/position in life. 

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