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Best British Army jobs for transferable qualifications to civilian life. ?

Just wondering what roles in the army will provide you with the best qualifications for a good paying civvie job when you leave? Obviously I know any kind of trade will provide you with some qualifications for civilian life like vehicle maintenance or plumbing but I'm just wondering what ones are more likely to get you a really good paying technical job. I thought maybe some of the jobs in the Royal Signals would be pretty good like the 'Electronic Warfare and Signal Intelligence' role as I can imagine skills from that could be used for ethical hacking or counter terrorism but just after some second opinions from any currently serving or ex army in case I have that wrong. Which roles are going to give me the best qualifications for a really good paying civvie job is basically what I'm asking.

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    none, your not gonna get a high paying job after serving in the military for 4 years.

    most training takes less than 6 months-- and can you think of any high paying job you can get that needs less than 6 months of training?

    • reece962 weeks agoReport

      Yes, my best friend who now makes 64k a year straight out of the army after 5 years as a marine engineer 

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