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Is my husband drinking too much? ?

I am a stay at home mom to our two year old son and pregnant with another on the way. He works in finance M-F from 8-5. Every single day he comes home from work he has at least 2 drinks (vodka tonic or beers) and then on the weekends he is drinking all through out the day. He doesn’t get drunk often, but he gets tipsy (especially on weekends). I feel like this is just a lot of drinking and he shouldn’t need a drink every day of the week and weekends. I’ve tried talking to him and he doesn’t think it’s an issue. Maybe I’m this not a problem for a working man who is just tired and needs a drink? Or should I be concerned? 

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    It does sound like alot but i think it's probably because he's stressed out parenting is hard and adding work to that is even tougher. I don't think it's anything to be worried about unless he starts drinking more than that, finds it hard to cut down or quit, or if he acts like he absolutely needs it then that's something to worry about otherwise that's just his coping mechanism. If he ever gets tired of it he'll find a healthier way to handle it im sure drinking isn't always fun anyways.

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      Oh shut up Ivan don't be a dick. Being a mom and homemaker is a full time job as well and she's saving them money bc they don't have to pay for childcare Emily ignore him.

  • Jerry
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    We are born with our default setting, "non-drinker," being in the "on" position. If that default setting changes from "non-drinker" to "drinker," then we have become alcohol abusers. Consuming intoxicants should be something we do only when we have made a thoughtful, deliberate, conscious CHOICE to consume intoxicants. When consume intoxicants through habit, without there being a thoughtful, deliberate, conscious CHOICE, then we are habitual drinkers. And habitual drinking, drinking you do without there being a conscious choice between drinking or not drinking, is alcoholism. 

  • Ivan
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    2 weeks ago

    He pays the Bill's and you whine and *****? How about you get off your lazy butt and go get him his beer.

    Go get with  black guy who smokes weed then

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    That could be me except I gave up the hard stuff except for a couple of times a year.  My wife doesn't like it at times. I have given up all drugs except for a drink at times, over the years. As was said, it's a problem if you think it is. We have an active social life that isn't impacted by alcohol. To me, when we travel I don't go out to get "a fix", so I'm not some addict.  I just enjoy an adjusted attitude and also rarely get even a little "drunk".  I have known some truly hard core alcoholics and I am light years away from that.

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    Try to make plans with him for you and your child..Let him know you would like to do some thing fun.It doesn't have to be expensive.Go to a farm and look at the animals . Feed the animals.Go to an interactive museum for children.Fly a kite.

    Give him about five days notice and see how it goes.If he opts out, then he needs medical and emotional help.

    Good luck .

    • Oh he’s a great dad and always makes time for us! His weekends involve him with us the entire time! 

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    Alcoholic comes to mind

  • Pam
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    If you see it as a problem, then it probably is. His job is probably stresful but no more stressful than staying home with a toddler and being pregnant. Typically, people who abuse or overindulge in vices don't see it for what it is. First of all, he has a 2 year old that he helped create. So if he's busy getting hammered every weekend, how is he being a father?? Your kids will grow up seeing a drunk dad and guess what? They will do exactly what he's doing! Get your husband to AA for help because right now you are married to an alcoholic who can't be a good husband OR father.

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    I’m also a stay at home mom to a two year old and pregnant with another..small world lol. Anyway, my husband usually has one or two most days (usually vodka), and I don’t really think anything of it. What would really bother me is the drinking all day on weekends, and I would consider that a problem if it were me. I mean, day drinking every once in a while is fine, but every weekend? I’d ask him not to drink one weekend and see what happens. If he says okay and handles it fine, then it’s probably not a “problem.” It’s still an issue if it bothers you, but not an alcoholism problem is what I mean. If he freaks out at you or refuses to even take a day off, then he may need some help. 

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