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If I have alopecia areata and I cut my hair, will my hair grow back? Will it help grow back my bald spots?

I’ve had alopecia ever since I was little and when my hair fully grew back I would get patches of bald spots every few months and then it would grow back. Now that I’m 18, the balding every few months has stopped, however, my edges have been gone for years and I haven’t really seen any change of hair growth in those places. 

My hair is natural (4c) and I’ve never cut it except when I trim my ends, but lately I’ve been wanting to completely cut all my hair off and rock a TWA (teeny weeny Afro) and dye it. But I’m not so sure about doing it because of my bald edges. And I’m afraid that if I go that short, my hair won’t be able to grow back and my edges will remain the same as well or even become worse.

My hair is currently about 12in natural rn and I would hate for it to not grow back to this length again if I cut it.

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  • Pearl
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    2 weeks ago

    i would ask your doctor about it

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