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Who treats their animals better Petco or Petsmart?

I have lots of pets, including fish and anyone in the aquarium hobby knows its expensive. I shop at Petco because I have heard so many terrible things about Petsmart (my friend used to work there), and if I am going to be giving a store hundreds of dollars over the course of my pet years I want to know what I am supporting is good. Unfortunately there are no fish stores in my entire town :( besides the 2 chain ones.

Is Petco really that much better than Petsmart?

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    All pet stores, chains stores, non chain stores, are only as good as there  current employees.  Do not assume that local fish only stores are going to be better than any other store.  I have many of these LFS around.  I see plenty of problems here and there.  Things like tatooted and died fish being sold, things like employees with little knowledg of what they are selling.    

    The other problem with the non chain stores, is the wild caught fish.  You need to be prepared tp quaranteen anything from these stores as diseases can spread throught that entire sect5ion of aquariums. if i tank of cichlids has ich  for instance, likely all the tanks on that side of the store are at risk.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    It’s actually a stroke by store thing. They both have live pets and they have generalized employees that feed, catch and clean the tanks and cages. I would not really put one over the other, it all depends on who is working and weather or not they like their job or they dread having to come to work and race through their chores.

    The one pet place I thought to excellent care of their critters ended up mixing the rats and vagueness pigs together.... rodents are rodents and rodents are the same after all .why make such a fuss. They run free in thr wild

  • Pearl
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    9 months ago

    hopefully they both treat them good

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