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Is Type 1 Diabetes a terminal illness or chronic illness?

From my understanding, if you remove all other variables, T1 diabetics WILL die of complications from diabetes in the end. Unless they're hit by a car, or die in a plane crash or what have you, the complications of diabetes will catch up to them before they can die naturally of old age. Doesn't that make it terminal since the only difference between the two is that one WILL kill you and the other CAN kill you? Or is there another difference I'm missing?

I just don't want to call something one thing when it's actually the other.

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  • Shay
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    A terminal condition will result in death EVERY TIME.

    A chronic condition MIGHT result in death IF NOT MANAGED CORRECTLY.

    It is NOT terminal BECAUSE if a type 1 diabetic takes GOOD CARE of their condition, then they can live a long and fairly normal life with very few diabetic complications.

    Complications happen when they don't manage their condition correctly.  Most type 1 diabetics were diagnosed at a very young age and their parents took care of their early care.  When they become an adult and have control of their eating choices and taking their own medications, many type 1 diabetics get careless for a few years and those few years can do GREAT DAMAGE in just a short time.

    I have a brother-in-law that spent much of his 20's eating whatever he wanted in whatever amount he wanted and only using enough insulin to keep his sugar levels below 300.  Every time we was around him and he would check his sugar - he would almost always ignore the readings as long as it wasn't over 300.  He is now in his mid 50's and is facing many of the worst complications from his earlier bad habits.  He has good control of his type 1 again now - but it is too late - the damage is done.

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    • Johnny3 weeks agoReport

      Regardless, I still call it a chronic illness because of how much worse terminal illnesses are, but if we go by your common definition, it would actually make t1d a terminal illness as well.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    the difference you're missing is that terminal illnesses don't respond to treatment, whereas chronic illnesses do.

    most people don't know the difference, you're not exactly "wildly misguided", as others have suggested.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Sadly, YOUR understanding is very wildly misguided.  I suggest you do a bit of research before posting such rubbish.

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    • Johnny3 weeks agoReport

      I was gonna say something along the lines of "what little kids have you been snatching up with that name" but then I checked your profile, and it looks like you really have been commenting on photos of young naked women, ye old fart... LOL.

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