Explain how and why weight is affected on other planets and why?

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    You need to know the difference between mass and weight.  It makes no difference while we're all on Earth.  You can treat them as the same thing.  But go somewhere with a different gravity and you still have the same mass, but a different weight.

    Let's say you go to the Moon and your weight is 120 lb.  Really that's your mass.  Gravity on the Moon is only about 1/6 what it is on Earth.  Your mass is still 120 lb, but your weight is only 20 lb, so you can bounce around like the Apollo astronauts did.  If you fall over, it's easier to get up again.  The ground isn't pulling you down so hard because there's less gravity.

    How about if we go to the International Space Station?  That's in free fall around the Earth so effectively there is no gravity, and therefore no weight.  We will float.  But if I bump into you, you'll feel my mass!

    Think about weighing yourself on scales.  Stand on them and the weight registers because of gravity pulling you down.  But with no gravity, it will show you weigh nothing.  ISS astronauts have to weigh themselves to keep track of their health, what that really means is they need to measure their mass because their weight is zero, and how do you do that?  What they do is use a device invented by the Russians - they bounce up and down on it and it measures the resistance caused by their mass.  Using it is called "riding the donkey"!

    There you go - your weight is your mass multiplied by how many times the gravity of where you are is more or less than Earth gravity.  On a really big planet, that might make your weight so big you couldn't lift yourself off the floor.

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    technically speaking, weight is just the amount of atoms inside of somthing. so weight is the same everywhere, the reason "scientists" think its different is because when somthing flies to space, atoms fall off of it therefore reducing the weight.

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    • This actually isn't true, mass is the amount of matter inside of something. Weight is not the same everywhere. Weight is simply a gravitational force dependent upon the mass of the object and gravitational field strength at that location. My mass = 75kg. I weigh 165 lbs on earth but 62 lbs on Mars.

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    Everything has Mass

    Mass can cause Gravity by being denser towards the middle

     You have weight because of the force of Gravity on your body, being also a Mass

    Gravity overcomes the Centrifugal Force on our bodies as the Earth Spins

     On a Body with less Mass than the earth we would therefore weigh less

    The Moon has 1/6th of the Mass thus Gravity of Earth so we would weight 1/6th the Weight were are on Earth

     If Jupiter had a Solid Surface, you would have difficultly standing up

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    It is all about gravity. Different planets have different mass makes for different gravity.

    The moon for example is 1/6 thsize if earth, and has 1/6 the mass and gravity.

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    Matter exerts gravity according to how much there is so weight can be from how much matter the surface of a planet has or how much matter is above the object. 

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    Weight is a characteristic of mass in a gravity field... The acceleration due to gravity at the surface of other planets varies from Earth's; that varying strength causes weight to be more in the case where the acceleration is greater than Earth's, and it's less on planets with acceleration less than Earth's.

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    weight is just the force an object's gravitational pull exerts on another object. Gravitational force depends on the mass of the pulling object (planet) and the observer's distance from the center of that mass. Therefore, our weights would be different on other planets due to their different masses and different radii to the surface.

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    If you go to Mars you weight will be less than on Earth.

    Why?   Mars is Smaller (less Mass than) Earth and it's gravity is weaker.

    If you weigh 200 lbs on Earth you will weigh only 75.4 lbs on Mars.

    However if you go to Jupiter you will weigh 505.6 because Jupiter is Larger than the Earth. On the Sun it would be 5414 pounds (assuming you could get to the sun).

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    Their gravitational pull. IT’S THAT EASY. Example: Jupiter has an extreme gravitational pull because of how much mass it has. You’re a dumbass

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