Recovering songs from old 7th gen ipod classic that doesn't show up on pc or ipod?

120gb ipod a1238 mb565ll (s/n 8k40tu92c7). Shows no songs on it but I'm pretty sure my old songs are there because it's usage states 93.8gb used in 'other' 17.7gb free. I can't access the drive through itunes or any data recovery tools. in device manager it shows up under disk drives as apple ipod usb device and portable devices as wpd filesystem voume. Disk management, diskpart, usb image tool, itunes, recover it, recuva, and lazesoft all free up when trying to read and don't become usable until I unplug the ipod. I was looking at maybe getting a usb to zif to plug the hard drive of the ipod up but do you think that would even work? If so how many pins? (apparently theres two different variants) Any other suggestions are welcome too!

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