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Are flights cheaper on Black Friday? ?

I’m flying out to Oahu from Portland for the holidays. Tickets right now are about $680 for Hawaiian Air, would it be cheaper on Black Friday? Should I risk it and wait or will it get even higher? Have you bought a flight to Hawaii or anywhere else for the upcoming holiday on Black Friday? Thanks in advance!! 

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    2 weeks ago

    No.  The holiday season, particularly thanksgiving, is THE peak flying time.

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    While there is always the possibility that there could be some black friday deals, but do you really want to take the risk? You do have some options, 1) you could do something called a fare-hold reservation. This is where you plan your trip as you normally would (flight day, time and even your seat) but before you hit pay for flight, you can hold that flight, at that price. Most airlines have either a 3 day or 7 day hold. This would let you choose your itinerary but also wait to see if there are any black friday deals. If there any, you can choose the deals. If not, you can proceed with the one you have on hold. 2) Wait to see what happens. This is probably not ideal. If there are any deals, it is probably limited. If there are no deals, than your options do become limited and usually more expensive. 

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      The longest "fare hold" I've seen is 24 hours.  Most airlines don't have a fare hold.

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    Airlines do not generally offer Black Friday specials.  If you are planning to fly over the Christmas holidays, then you should book your tickets ASAP.  Prices will increase as you get closer to your travel time, especially when it's such a busy travel time. 

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    Don't expect specially attractive deals from airlines on Black Friday. 

    If you book your flight from an online travel agency, you can perhaps take advantage of a promo code. For instance, I know Opodo ( a leading European online travel agency ) will offer £25 or £75 discounts on flights departing from the UK. 

    However, on Black friday, most discounts from travel agencies will concern hotel booking rather than air ticket booking.

    Therefore, don't delay booking: air tickets for holidays rarely go down. 

    If your travel dates are flexible, check fares of different travel days since prices may change dramatically from one travel day to the next in the holiday season.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Thursday (Thanksgiving) is the cheapest day to fly. Fight now, the Hawaiian flight will be $408 assuming a one week stay and $526 on Friday.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Put in the Black Friday date, and see if the flight is cheaper. They're not going to change it last minute- except to raise the price. It's always cheaper to buy early. 

  • John
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    3 weeks ago

    Yes, if you bought them 6 months ago.  Last minute always costs the very most.

  • Anonymous
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    Airlines generally have few sales because they claim to always have the lowest fares

  • 3 weeks ago

    i would call the airlines and ask them about it

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