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What steps or actions must I take in order to find a professional guardian?

The reason for me needing a professional guardian, is for the sole purpose of being signed on to an apartment lease. My income is insufficient, and my credit scores are kind of poor. So therefore I would not be approved for an apartment.

my friends and family members have already indicated their refusal to help me out.

What steps must I take through the city or county in which I live and what fees am I responsible for ?on my behalf and also what is the process or wait time before I can get a professional guardian?

Or am I taking the wrong approach all together?

What assistance can social services offer to people who are financially struggling but need an affordable place to live?

Due to my severe mental health issues, living with other people or having a roommate is not an option.

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    There is no "professional guardian" for your situation. What you are looking for is a co-signer. Someone that is willing to guarantee your rent will be paid. You will not be able to hire someone to do that for you.

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    You are looking, not for a guardian, but for a co-signer. Someone who agrees to pay the rent if you fail to. If friends and family won't, no stranger will.

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    There is no such thing as a professional guardian.

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    A professional guardian can't help you by being partially responsible for the rent.  However they may have other options available.  Google "professional guardians" and your city/county name.  You don't want a guardian ad litem.  That's just for minors.

    Source(s): Wife's a guardian
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