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Courtney Love said that Prince Andrew came to her house late one night looking for "a good time". Is he a bit of a perv?

She was in bed and heard a knock on the door. That was the first time they met. A friend gave him her address because he might have the sea with her.

Anyway,  they just had tea. She had a teapot with The Queen's head on it. They laughed about that. She didn't put out and he left

She said that he looked like he wanted the sex

It's really weird a stranger going to someone's house late at night who he doesn't know 

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    He's a pompous lying pervert.

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    This story doesn't sound very credible! Courtney Love is not very credible! She's a no-talent jerk who's own daughter Frances wants nothing to do with her!

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    Is he a bit of a perv? Pope...Catholic...Bear...Pooing in the woods...

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    Why not ask Fergie?

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