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What is considered improper treatment in the workplace?

I have been singled out on a few occasions. First, I was never properly trained, my supervisor kept jumping from one thing to the next and never answered my questions and would cut me off, I had to figure out things on my own. They yell at me to inspect things that I have no idea to and is not in my title and Never give a response when I ask what to do they say IDK but yell at me for it. They dont complain about my actual work but will yell if i adjust my own excel, they ask me a question and dont let me answer, assume im doing something wrong, when i say wait let me answer first, then they say my work and say ok thats very good. Constantly jump down my throat. i asked my super visor when i started what time should i come in, and he said anytime so i said 8:30 am and he confirmed, then i come in and the owner thinks im late says im supposed to be in at 8 and says he will review with my supervisor then they dont get back to me and i have to reach out and they tell me 8 am. Then when i come in no one is here until 8:30. He comes in and says i dont know i gotta see when everyones comes in might witch to 8:30/9. I feel like im being singled out and being attacked. Its only a issue when it comes to me or they make it an issue.... Plus They talk about me in their own language which makes me highly uncomfortable and Im getting dirty looks and being ignored by a specific employee thats involved with them Is there anything I can do? i d go to HR but i feel if i do they will retaliate

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    This is normal. You won't really get the full proper training until 2 years later when you've fully gained experience and know more than everyone else.

    Sad. But true. Your primary focus is to learn as fast as you can to stay afloat. Start by learning from experienced English speaking employees who've been in the business for years. They know what they're doing.

    Note: Anything they say that gives you leniency to slack off? Like come in whenever you want? Or don't work too hard? It's an excuse for them to keep you from making them look lazy.

    Ignore it and always keep busy.

    Also.... if ever you have any questions, ASK your Supervisor. Don't hesitate.

    1. It's their fault you were undertrained.

    2. They'll throw you under the bus at the drop of a hat to make it look like they're doing their jobs. And your Managers will believe it because you're not saying anything. CALL THEM OUT ON EVERYTHING.

    Source(s): 18 years of work experience in several fields.
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    What do you want us to tell you?  Honestly the situation is NOT going to change so my response is find another job and move on.

    Some would retaliate and FIRE you if you go over their heads but you have to make the decision then be prepared to fight for your opinion.  One more time


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