I've had very crooked ear piercings and am wondering if I did the right thing to fix them.?

So I've had these earlobe piercings for 20+ years. I was pierced as a baby and my parents thought it to be a good idea to take me to a k-mart to get it done. These piercings were severely crooked, one was at the bottom of the earlobe and the other very high up. Now I've fixed the unevenness bu dermal punching it. Now I'm worried if this was the right decision or not. I was reading earlobe thinning may be a problem.  I want to hear if you think it will be a problem with the picture I will be posting. Ive got it done yesterday,which is why it looks so irritated. Thank you.

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  • audrey
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    2 weeks ago

    Very nice!...............

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