What does it mean when a guy does this? ?

This guy and his friend were talking to me and this girl randomly says to them “she has a boyfriend” and i proceed to tell her “we broke up” then the guy that I like turns to his friend and excitedly says “they broke up!”

why would he do this if he doesn’t like me? Or does he? because a few months after this happened I confessed to him that I like him & he said “yeah that’s cool I appreciate it but I’m not trying to date right now” this makes NO SENSE. besides that he also stares at me often, complimented AND asked me if I like anyone. When I tried asking him about that he told me “lol I don’t remember that” it’s so frustrating. 

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  • Linda
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    3 weeks ago
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    Because his friend likes you and he was hinting at him now is your opportunity but he just likes you as a friend himself. If the friend is single why don't you talk to him and see what happens?

  • 3 weeks ago

    You're reading too much into things. Guys are not subtle. If they are interested in you, they'll ask you out. It's a bad idea to go around telling guys you like them- unless you've been dating them and they are clearly interested. It's a way to get hurt, and a way for them to take advantage of you. Move on and find someone who is interested. 

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