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My girlfriend is becoming really fat?

Can I have some serious answers please.

I understand my gf is on medication for her epilepsy that causes weight gain and has to take those tablets, they make her hungry all the time.. but I don’t find her as attractive anymore. when we first got together she was normalish size, a little chunky but nothing to worry about, about 13 stone (182 pounds) she’s now about 16 and a half stone (231 pounds) because I remember Her telling the doctor one time. She’s havin to save up for new clothes because none fit her, I have said I will give her some money towards the clothes for Christmas.I still love her she’s a lovely person a great girlfriend, I’m not going to dump her I’m not like that..I’m jus concerned about her health and being honest I don’t find her as attractive as I used too. What can I do to get her to lose weight? What if I buy all the food, healthy food, I need to lose a stone or two aswell but she needs to lose a lot more

I feel bad for her as well and don’t wan people to be mean because Her belly hangs out of her shirt and her bum sometimes out of pants because there too tight, I feel embarrassed for her when she goes out 😬

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    I’m sorry this is quite a hard situation you are in, and I do think it’s lovely you’re thinking about her health. I also understand that you need to be happy as well in a relationship, and attraction is a big part. 

    Health wise, that is a rapid increase for her and if she continues she’ll be hitting a lot of medical risk factors. I’m surprised her health professional hasn’t tried talking to her and implementing some changes, perhaps she has not seen a doctor in a while? 

    Personally to avoid upsetting her, if you also need to lose some weight, I would see if she will start a fitness regime with you. You can try to eat well and exercise together, who knows she may enjoy it and really get into it. 

    Sadly if not you may need to have that dreaded conversation and tell her that you’re concerned for her health. It will be upsetting but sometimes you need to be brutally honest in order to help someone. 

    Best wishes

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    I think the problem is partly meds but I take Lamotrigine for Epilepsy and a few more as anti-convulsants...  I am 100 pounds.  Be careful what and when you eat.  Cut way back on fast foods.  I eat that stuff maybe 1-2x per year.  So just limit the calories. 

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    If you love her still, which you appear to, then you should try to encourage whatever she's inclined to do toward restricting eating and exercising.

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    It isn't her that needs to lose weight but you that needs to have an attitude adjustment. You need to be honest with her and let her know that she embarrasses you, that she is fat and her clothes don't fit anymore and that she isn't attractive anymore.

    That dude down there was Joseph Merrick. He was married.

    You say you're just not like that but yet these superficial complaints are being heard loud and clear. You sound as if you have already emotionally dumped her. I don't hear any love or like.

    A girl gets as illness for which she is prescribed meds and she is rewarded by her boyfriend calling her a fat embarrassment. The compassion is simply overwhelming and the empathy is quite obvious.

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    Then you start on your own exercise and dietary regime and say you need her help to keep you motivated. Invite her for walks around the neighborhood, volunteer to walk local dogs together, whatever the things are that interest both of you. You could try some new thing each weekend, like biking to the next town or trying a yoga class together. Make it fun and interesting, it doesn't have to be expensive. 

    if you drink, the first and best thing you can both do is stay out of the pub as alcohol packs on the pounds. If you smoke, quit. If you or she drinks soda, especially diet soda, stop. 

    And take her clothes shopping NOW. Buy her a cute workout outfit that fits her and gives her little confidence boost. Buy yourself something new also, maybe a zippy pair of trainers or something. Everyone needs motivation now and then, so tell her what a lovely person and great girlfriend she is, and you've realized it's high time you both got into shape because neither of you will magically get slim on the sofa. 

    Hope that helps and good luck. 

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