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Why don’t they pay weekend rates in the UK ?

I work at ASDA 5 days a week, the same hours (time of day slightly different) when I worked at coles (Aussie supermarket chain). I work 40 hours a week including Saturday in Australia I would get time and a half for working a Saturday because everyone had to work one weekend day and so by law you were to be given penalty rates (time and a half or double time) same with contracts landing on public holidays. Whereas in the UK the store policies are almost the same have to work one weekend day, work at least a couple public holidays a year, issue is there’s penalty rates for working extra hours and working weekends and public holidays. 

Is there any explanation for this? 

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    I don't get a weekend rate or even a night rate and I'm in the UK, I work for a retailer only in security. The minimum wage has got high with some saying it's too much for some jobs. ASDA pay more than the minimum wage anyway don't they? More than minimum pay for typically minimum wage work if you worked in a smaller company.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    The UK simply doesn’t do it. That’s why Australia is more appealing to people I guess. 

  • Tavy
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    Times have changed , we now work 7 days a week, a Sunday used to be a religious holiday for most people, now we are multi faith. I don't understand what you mean by penalty rates. You are paid the same rate for the same job here.

    Some companies will pay extra for bank holidays, some give a day off in lieu, so what are you on about?

     In the 60s I worked Saturdays in a shop, we didn't get extra pay for it.


    • thomas2 weeks agoReport

      We have this because Australia like the UK works 7 days a week almost and we are very multi religion. That’s why we demand to have some compensation for being an almost 24/7 and keeps people above the poverty line. 

  • Judy
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    3 weeks ago

    Uh, yeah - Aussie laws apply in Australia, not in the UK - or the US either.

    • Tavy
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      It did not appeal because small traders could not afford it.

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