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I want a permanent scar on my face.?

Okay so i'm aware that this sounds insane. But i can't help it, i'm 17 years old and i'm not depressed or anything but i really want a huge face scar. I have no idea why. writing about this makes me feel like i'm mental. But i still can't help it. i'm too scared to do it, i tried to do it a couple of times but i'm scared of the pain. I did do a little scar on my upper lip to the side of my cheek with a razor, but that is almost fully healed now. I told my parents i had a little accident in school as an excuse which surprisingly worked! But i don't know how i would explain this i really want a permanent scar mark under my eye. I'm too scared to talk to my parents about this cuz i feel like they will end up sending me to a therapist. But i don't want that .this feels like something i really have to do i really want this so please don't judge me over it i can't explain it. My question is, is there a safe way of doing it i was thinking of just slowly do it with a razor but not pressing to hard against it won't work and i'm really scared to press harder, and what can i tell my parents? i don't want them to know i did it itentionally so i need a good excuse.

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    Well if you really want a scar on your face then cut it but don’t use a razor. My parents talk to me about depression and all that stuff and I have been to the point where I could have gone to a therapist. So if your parents ask just tell them that you fell on a piece of glass and ‘tried’ to clean it but it stayed as a scar, I guess. I’ve really never thought of something like this lol. I’m not judging tho.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Why though? Lol

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    Warning this will hurt if you do it and you have been warned

    It requires oil, a pan, and a stove

    You out the pan into the stove and wait until the oil starts to get really hot and get loud. Then you simply grab the pan and splash it onto your face, if you want a small scar then put a little bit of oil if u want a big scar but a lot of oil but not too much cause it will make your face red. Don't do it if you don't like pain and I am not telling you to do it so if you do it it is your choice.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Your not insane ignore everyone that says such crap now is it a sane thing to choose to do well NO BUT HOW ABOUT YOU FIGURE OUT WHY EXACTLY YOU WANT THIS SCAR ON YOUR FACE AND DONT EVEN TRY IT TIL YOU YOURSELF KNOW WHY YOU WANT IT BECAUSE THERE ARE RISKS THAT COME WITH MAKING A LARGE SCAR ON YOUR FACE LIKE NERVE DAMAGE, paralysis among things like infections and flesh eating infection that can leave your face destroyed for life remember your asking for a large scar and to get a large scar is gonna involve a great amount of pain and care to avoid a nasty flesh eating infection, if you still can’t figure out what the reason is besides you just want it well that isn’t good enuf to take the many risks you will ne taking so in that case I would say go talk to a tattoo artist first see what they can do first but tattoos also have risks but not near as many and you could try a henna tattoo to get an idea of what you want before doing it yourself can not only ruin your entire face but could leave you dead and once you know why you want such a scar I’d go to a plastic surgeon and let him design the right scar for you and believe me you might get turned away a few times or be sent for a psych evaluation but if you pass it then the surgeon will do it and the right way with far less risks and complications, we all View body art in different ways and maybe that’s your niche in body art all I ask is for you please go through the right channels so your around and maybe we would meet in the future never know small world it is and I’m pretty sure a large face scar is not easily forgotten either, please don’t you try it or even talk a friend into it that’s just a recipe for disaster one wrong move and your friend could be facing attempted murder or worse and you don’t wanna go out making those that all love you think you took your own life that would devastate any parent , I’m here if you need to talk not sure how easy or hard it is to find ppl on here but I am here please follow my advice so your future self maybe kids or wife/Hub will be thankful for this message take your time no rush for a decision that will not only be there for an eternity but also a decision that could take a away your future all together. I’m not judging you and nor does anyone else have that right , there’s only one judge , jury and executioner so let all that may fall fall into his hands and let him be your guide to find exactly what your looking for and longing for and in the mean time you will be weighing heavy on my heart please please try to find me and tell me how it all went!! Your souls sister, Sandra xoxoxo 

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  • patty
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    2 weeks ago

    u may have some sort of mental illness

  • 2 weeks ago

    You're right. You are stupid. If you really want a scar, take the ones like I have (they cover my forehead and the right side of my face). A razor cuts too fine. That's why you can't see it. Do it with a serrated knife or a broken bottle. And cut DEEP. That will make it stay. But after a while when you want it normal again, plastic surgery is not going to help. I didn't do mine intentionally, but I can't change it either.

  • 2 weeks ago

    I definitely don't think it's a good idea to do it yourself. Wait until next year when you're 18, and talk about it with a tattoo artist, maybe they can tattoo a fake scar, or give you scarification, but anyway, ask a professional !

  • Cammie
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    3 weeks ago

    You don't want people to judge you but you want to look like a monster ? Oh, People will judge you then.

    Try it out first :

  • audrey
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    3 weeks ago

    See a psychiatrist before you totally ruin your whole life!

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    insanity troll alert

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