Does being on Jools Holland effect Spotify?

I asked spotify to play Temple by Kings of Leon which I have liked ever since I heard it on Jools Holland. Spotify then played songs on its own and the third song was Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics. Did spotify choose this song because it has also been on Jools Holland?

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  • 2 weeks ago
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    sort of maybe. that is, the algorithm is going to pick songs that have been listened to by other people who listened to that song. a percentage of those people will have found the song through jools holland and will be more likely to listen to other songs that have been featured on jools holland. so while spotify doesn't make a concerted effort to have other songs from the show, it could still happen organically (or should i say algorithmically.)

    • Tim Brady2 weeks agoReport

      makes sense, you're probably right, maybe i was hoping for something insidious but i agree

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