In a class project, students developed a brief self-administered questionnaire by which they might quickly evaluate a professor. ?

One student submitted the following instrument. Evaluate the questions asked and the format of the instrument.

Professor Evaluation Form

1. Overall, how would you rate this professor?

􁪽 Good 􁪽 Fair 􁪽 Poor

2. Does this professor

a. Have good class delivery? _____

b. Know the subject? _____

c. Have a positive attitude toward the subject? _____

d. Grade fairly? _____

e. Have a sense of humor? _____

f. Use audiovisuals, case examples, or other classroom aids? _____

g. Return exams promptly? _____

3. What is the professor’s strongest point?

4. What is the professor’s weakest point?

5. What kind of class does the professor teach?

6. Is this course required?

7. Would you take another course from this professor?

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