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Nick asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 3 weeks ago

Former Florida GOP Rep predicts that today’s testimony is more damaging to Trump than yesterday.  So my guess is a smoking gun was released?

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    Guy in Alabama predicts it won’t be 

  • ricky
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    3 weeks ago

    Is that the same guy that said Trump wasn’t a serious candidate, he can’t win the primaries, he can’t be elected President, he colluded with Russia? Not only my guess, but I would wager big money, this is even less than Russian Collusion. There isn’t a chance, based on this circus attempt, that 20 Republican Senators would see enough reason to remove him from office. One Republican Senator is weak. You say he’s not even able to vote? You have zilch. Any adult can see they found the perpetrator in 2016. You have already convicted him. But you suck at finding a crime, because there’s not one.

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