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Can you think of any Harry Potter type spells that would fit the nomenclature for a fanfic I am writing?

I am trying to figure out some Harry Potter spells that would have these effects?

New Unforgivable Curse: Causes Dementia, leaves victim helpless as a baby and unable to care for themself, would Oblivio Totalus be a potential incantation for this.

Wandless spell to make prison bars soft and bendable?

Make a stone griffin statue come alive?

Summon helpers from nothing?

Restore a book that had been chewed up by a camel?

Make a magic carpet fly?

Make a bicycle fly?

Send a dark wizard’s soul to eternal torture? Possibly Crucio Aeturnum?

Find a lost treasure?

Conjure sled dogs from nothing?

Make someone an amazing singer for an hour?

Pull a cloud from the sky?

Learn ballroom dance?

Pull a star from the sky?

Turn dark wizard into duck?


What spell or magic rhyme could help a restless baby sleep? Would a potion be better for this? Would some of the spells like trying to become an amazing singer be better accomplished by a potion? 

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