Brown lines on finger nails?

I have brown lines on 2 index fingers seperate hands and on 2 toe nails seperate feet.

The specialist said they were benign but never did a biopsy, is there anybody on here who could give me a second opinion or advice based on their experience or knowledge? 

It's been 2 years since the benign diagnosis and the lines seem to have faded but more have showed up, I am not sure if this is a good sign or not that more have shown up on different nails. 

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1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Asking for medical advice on the internet. Great idea. Absolutely brilliant.

    Asker has been blocked and reported. They are very nice and friendly as you can tell by their comment. Please report them, everyone.

    • James3 weeks agoReport

      I have already seen a dermatologist and several doctors but I am just asking as many opinions as I can.  Thanks for your help though *******

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