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Needing help with my budgie?

Hello. In desperate need to help my budgie.

I have a budgie which is around 5 months old and is untamed. About a month ago or such he began developing some sort of mites around his beak. I did research and made sure his cage stayed clean and that he always has fresh food and water. His mites are still here, so recently I asked the woman from the store that I bought my budgie from what I should do (she has been working with and selling birds for 10yrs+). She recomended some sort of bug spray that had no alchocol in it so it didnt harm my budgie. She said it'd be the best if I grab him lightly and get some of the spray onto a cottonball and then rub it onto my budgies beak - hopefully killing the mites. 

Is it safe? My budgie is still untamed and I am scared to grab him just like that. And is the whole bug spray thig as safe as she says it is? Please help.

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  • 9 months ago

    Use this. I got it my local pet smart, and it can be used on birds and cages

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  • Jack H
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    9 months ago

    Contact a bird vet, the pet shop owner MIGHT be correct, but the vet will know...

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    You are best to call a vet.I believe there is topical drops to treat this.If the vet you call can't help with your budgie ask them for a referral to a vet that does treat birds.

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