Which name do you like best, Reese, Renee, Regan or Resia?

15 Answers

  • layla
    Lv 7
    7 days ago

    Renee is nice. I think

  • blank
    Lv 7
    1 week ago

    I like Reisa the best.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    My favorite name out of those options is Renee.

  • 2 weeks ago

    My favorite is Reese

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  • Amy
    Lv 6
    2 weeks ago

    Renee is my favourite of your list

  • 3 weeks ago

    Ask an 10-year-old kid how he would make fun of each of these names. Then pick the one where you can live with whatever the teasing is.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Reese: I like this as a middle 

    Regan: I like it spelled Reagan 

    Resia : weird

    • Amaretta
      Lv 7
      2 weeks agoReport

      But changing the spelling of Regan to Reagan also changes the pronunciation.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I like the boys name Rhys. Not overly fond of the phonetic spelling bit it's better than the other names. The rest are very chavy.

  • Snid
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    In order of how I like them:

    1.  Renee

    2.  Reese

    3.  Reagan

    4.  Not a chance, Resia.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Reese for a boy.

    Resia for a girl.

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