Which countries have the highest percentage of only children other than China?

Do countries with low fertility rates such as Japan, Taiwan, Italy, and most of other European countries have a high percentage of only children mostly? I know some acquaintances from PRC (China) who are in their 20s and many of them have more than one siblings actually. Also, what do you think about people who are the only children in their families? Are they usually spoiled because they are often told by their parents how wonderful they really are? I mean, most people who have many siblings don't get a lot of attention and compliments from their parents like most only children do, so some people who grew up as an only child can think highly of themselves?

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    I m the only child I was far from spoiled because my parents were poor like rats but yes, I m not a team player. I myself have 3. after having one I saw how lonely he was so decided to make 2 even thou my husband was against it. the 3 one was an accident through condom. I m a white European.

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    i can't speak on behalf of other countries, but in my country japan, the low fertility rates as you mention that, is alarmingly low, males especially don't wish/want/have a desire to get married much less be married. That's what is making politicians consider open up to immigrants given the harsh immigration japan has in place. i'm 27 myself, and never got anyone to engage, i'm shy and happy being alone .... cultures

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