POLLS: How do you get confidence before starting a new job?

I got a new job later today just an orientation for 4 hours as a Maintenance manager for a local mall.

I'm just nervous cause I'm usually the janitor or the maintenance guy and do my job, but now I have to oversee everything and handle complaints properly and I am kinda scared but I feel like I am good.

If I ask a lot of questions I may feel that they think i AM quite incompetent.

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    What you are experiencing is normal. It's called fear of the unknown. This causes your imagination to mess with you. I'm sure that having experience as a janitor is going to make a huge difference and there will be few reasons to ask questions. If their orientation is any good you might not have any at all. Trust in your past experience rather than being bothered by the unknown is my advice.

  • 3 weeks ago

    You learn by asking questions. You have experience doing the jobs your crew does so you should be able to direct them successfully. Just be calm when presented with a problem and think before acting. You'll be fine.

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