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My sister in laws food is awful?

You know how people say white people cant season food? It's my sister in law. She's white people. She puts salt and pepper in her bland potato salad, brings stove top to Thanksgiving, fries up some of the greasiest, chewiest cube steak (also salt and pepper seasoned) and the worst gravy (made with the gritty stuff in the bottom on the oil after she's done frying her cube steak). Problem is she thinks shes the best chef in the family and always trying to give cooking advice (that usually is just a harder way to do something but she feels its creative). She's over my shoulder all day in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, harping advice that I ignore entirely, only to swoop in 30 minutes before the meal to make her precious stove top (no other stuffing is as good you see) and acts like she saved the day. It drives me nuts and I dont know if I can take another year of it! Advice, funny stories from your Thanksgiving, good recipes for strong drinks? I'll take anything I can get to stay sane! 

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  • Jerry
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    You could tell EVERYONE (not just your SIL) that you will be providing all the food, that they will NOT be welcome to contribute their own cooking. Along with that, kick EVERYONE out of the kitchen, not just SIL. 

    You could even expand that to "All the food and cooking will be handled by me, my sister Jenny, and my friend Mike. Everyone else keep out of the kitchen." 

    You have my sympathy for what it's worth. I've had breakfast guests tell me that I shouldn't have bothered with fresh squeezed OJ since TANG is so much better, that I should serve my made from scratch desert with COOL WHIP instead of real whipped cream (it tastes so much nicer, sweeter and lighter), that "I have a lot of nerve" to NOT put chopped onions and peppers into my skillet fried potatoes side dish (without onions and peppers, it has no flavor). The way I was brought up, you don't even THINK about telling your hosts they did a bad job. 

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    i guess to keep the peace, just not say anything again this year..but if u seriously can't...n NEED to say Something to her..then I guess you will end up doing so as this sounds like it's urking you to no end* perhaps u can try to stay calm when saying to her that you don't need any help in the kitchen thanks for offering but you have it covered!¬  IF she continues on, then I guess u'll end up saying what you've been holding onto for a few years* just try to be kind while saying it* G'luck* in trying to NOT say anything¬

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    A flask of rum and a half gallon of egg nog is your friend.

    If T-giving is at her place, just stay out of the kitchen.   Eat before you go, take whatever side dish you're assigned, and hit MickeyD's drive thru on the way home.   Make your own damn turkey on Friday without her.

    If T-giving is at your home, ask your spouse, sister, mom (whomever) to run interference and keep the wench out of your kitchen.   You could set up some stupid craft project (like making x-mas tree ornaments) or have them rope her into a really long game of Monopoly or pinochle.    While you're cooking, don't hesitate to wear earphones. 

    Is there some reason you have to get together that early in the day?   If it's at her house, invent some reason not to go that early.  You have to work or see a sick friend or see your own family or spouse's family.

    My brother's wife hates my mom and she (my SIL) always asks me to keep my mom the heck out of the kitchen.    I'm glad to do so because I'd much rather play cards with my mom than be subjected to my SIL in the kitchen.   LOL!

    White people can't season food?   Something is wrong with you.

  • Dimo
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    " ... white people cant season food? It's my sister in law. She's white people .... "

    Sounds like you are racist, and don't like the person your brother married.

    You need to talk to your brother.  He obviously survives on her cooking, so she obviously can season properly -- for her and her husband.

    As for Thanksgiving dinner?  Your Kitchen, Your Rules,  No many cooks spoil the soup -- kick your sister-in-law out of the kitchen.  Tell her she can do Thanksgiving Dinner next year, in HER Kitchen.

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  • Just vomit all over the dinner table. It will work 

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    Awww.... she's proud. Don't take that away from her. My sister in law acknowledged she was a bad cook. Partially, due to laziness. Partially, due to the same fact that all seasonings made her stomach irritable.

    Btw, she's right. Stove Top is one of my favorites. But I've found that generic brands taste better. I also eat my food bland now. Occasionally, with garlic powder and lemon.

    Cooking with seasonings/other herbs, for long periods of time, eventually made me sick of them. So... now, I just prefer natural flavors.

    Anyway.... with your sister in law, I'd just ignore her comments. She means no harm. One day you're actually going to miss them.

    And don't get me started, homegirl. I've had some of the best and worst Thanksgivings in the world. Lol gatherings gone wrong to no celebrations to having to work during celebrations to getting stuck with the dishes.

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    Tell her that you don't have much space in your kitchen this year- is there any chance she can make the whatever dish that you care least about at her house- this will keep her busy and out of your hair hopefully.  I'd go with the salad myself.

    Recipes for strong drinks- well, there ain't much time to be making proper moonshine if that's what you're asking but you might get some mead- a honey alcohol very good and well, it tastes like honey,, it goes great with any meal with a meat/poultry dish in my opinion.

    Recipes- twice baked potatoes are the most superior of taters in my opinion, far fancier and more delicious than mashed or scalloped- I hate scalloped potatoes.

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    Flock scattered huh. Don't eat her food.

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