Years ago before medicine and medical treatment was made available , what would happen to men and women who caught an STD?

Name some STDs that have existed historically ( several hundred years)

Explain what the outcome typically was, several hundred years back, before medicine was available .

Would people with STDs typically die?

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    Some STDs just make women infertile, like Chlamydia. Yeast infections make the vagina so itchy that intercourse become impossible. Presumably an untreated yeast infection can cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which can result in fatal abscesses. Gonorrhea is sneaky. The disease has a long course, during which time people have plenty of opportunity to die from other causes. Medical science didn't even know about Chalmydia and yeast infections until the modern era.

    Syphilis was treated with mercury, which seemed to work because the symptoms come and go. However, this is a case where the remedy is as bad as the disease.

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    did u just ask me if someone with a disease that didnt have medicine would die?

    thats like asking me would someone who plays call of duty get fat with no exercise

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    They had means of control but lacked means of elimination.  Graves have bones that are evidence of unpleasant death, infections removing bone mass and deforming bone structure.

    To this day it can determined where the Lewis and Clark expedition camped by taking mercury soil samples.  The men apparently had a communal pattern in relieving themselves?   

    They may not "typically die" but they most certainly had... an early death! 

    Alphonse G. Capone ('Al') was one of the last poorly medically treated to suffer such a prolonged early death, not receiving adequate medical attention in Federal Prison.

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    before modern day medicine, most people just believed that illnesses were punishment from the gods

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    Before antibiotics there wasn't much that could safely be done. STDs left untreated would either make the sufferer infertile or be passed on to their children. 

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    Whilst modern medicine as we understand it today is fairly new, people have been usi g naturalistic medicine for thousands of years. It could be anything from chewing plants and roots to mystical charms and rituals. Sometimes it just made thinfs worse, like blood letting or mercury, but there hasnt been a time in recorded history where we havent used medicine of some sort

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    Sounds like homework. Just google the most important words and follow links.

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