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I miss him so much! Why?

It was weird the first time he came to my mind, I even said to myself... WTF? I never thought about him at all. 

So there's this guy I met a few years ago.Long story short we both are married (not to each other) but I can't shake him off.  I think about him all day long and it's irritating. I deleted all his contact info, and deleted him off my social media. He took offense to this! How could I tell him that he is my weakness and I could not afford to lose my marriage over temptation?

It's been several years that we've spoken and I have tried to contact him once to at least keep him as a friend, but he is not at all forgiving. He won't speak a word to me. 

It makes me sick that I want him so bad and I feel that my feelings are deeper than lust.  I get so caught up in those feelings that I breakdown and cry.

I love my husband so much and I hate that I feel this way towards this other person. 

How can I get rid of him from my mind if distance and no contact have not worked for years?

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    Have you considered talking to a therapist or counselor? If not, why not?

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      Thank you, I have. I did not bring up the guy into the conversations more like I was searching if there was something lacking/ missing in my life that maybe my brain thought of him as a compensation yet I had no answers. 

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