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Which type of government would you choose? ?

A. A free decentralized capitalist government. The citizens have natural rights and are free to buy and sell as they see fit. Example: The US for the most part up until the 60s and then decreasingly so. 

B. A socialist government. Power is centralized and citizens have no natural rights. The economy is entirely controlled by the government who sets prices and wages. Examples: North Korea, USSR etc

C. A mixture of the two: Centralized government. Natural rights are replaced by civil rights (ie government granted rights). Government runs the economy but some free enterprise is allowed at government discretion. 

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    A                                                                                         .

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    Your characterizations are wrong, you've been indoctrinated by decades of propaganda for capitalism. But we don't have time to get into that now.

    In actual fact, the US and most other First World governments around the world are mixed economies, mixtures of capitalism and socialism. How mixed they are depends on the country and the time period. In actual fact, the US was more socialist back in the 60's, than it is now, and the economy of the US was much more robust back then, able to withstand recessions, which happen more often now. But the current US is not nearly as capitalistic as it used to be in the 1920's, when the Great Depression happened.

    So to answer your question the best form of government is a mixed economy, C. But that doesn't really tell you everything, it also matters what the levels of mixture of capitalism and socialism are. It seems obvious that becoming more socialist in the mixture makes for a much more robust economy.

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    Mixed economies are NOT government run. 

    I would choose a mixed economy. 

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