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Why are Democrats bothering to have a 5th debate when it's just a clown show ?

The Dems don't have any real solutions for some of the problems in the US. Just free this, raising taxes and open borders. Let's not forget about how all they want to do is impeach Trump for something he didn't do. I'll be voting Trump in 2020.

Unemployment is down, stocks are up, the economy is better for working class people compared to Obama.

The line up of Dems just want socialism and to bring illegals, higher taxes, and give free bees that we pay for who work low wage jobs.

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    The "debates" are a farce.  I believe the DNC selected their nominee long ago, just like in 2016. Why they continue to go through with the "debates" I don't know.  Maybe it is a compulsion. 

    The various investigations into the Russia collusion hoax are coming to a close and things are about to get really, really bad for the Democrats.

  • david
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    3 weeks ago

    1.  If you don't like the debates then don't watch.

    2.  Trump and Republicans don't solve problems, they create problems.

    3.  Nobody expected YOU to actually think -- and vote for someone else.

    • Ivan
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      Opening borders solves problems?

  • 3 weeks ago

    The economy is only good for billionaires

  • 3 weeks ago

    Good luck with the economy.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Republicans can keep mischaracterizing things like they normally do.  But that doesn't change what is actually happening.

    And hey, the economy is not the Dow Jones average.  It makes no sense to say the economy is wonderful when there are an increasing number of homeless people, probably 500,000 at one estimate, and climbing.  The poor are getting poorer.  That doesn't make it a great economy!

  • 3 weeks ago

    what exactly did traitor trump do besides golf, hire a bunch of criminals and take credit for the accomplishments of others?

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