Who was better Calvin Coolidge or Bill Clinton?

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  • Bill
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    3 weeks ago
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    This country would not be a land of opportunity, America could not be America, if the people were shackled with government monopolies. -Calvin Coolidge

    We demand entire freedom of action and then expect the government in some miraculous way to save us from the consequences of our own acts.... Self-government means self-reliance. -Calvin Coolidge

    I want taxes to be less, that the people may have more. - Calvin Coolidge

    There is no justification for public interference with purely private concerns. - Calvin Coolidge

    Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business. - Calvin Coolidge

    This country needs more small government presidents like Calvin Coolidge. 

  • audrey
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    3 weeks ago

    Bill Clinton............

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