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Drug Test... 🙄?

Because the Untiy Bill has changed again the Oklahoma, my place of employment has decided to stop allowing us to smoke with our medical cards. For the last 3 or 4 months, I have smoked daily... and often. We have to be clean by January (I'm assuming mid to late of the month), and I just know I wont be clean, naturally... with that amount of time. So, I have... roughly 40 days to get clean. I need to know if the 10 day detox kits (the expensive ones) really work or not? I plan on doing the military diet, taking niacin, drinking water and doing this detox at some point. Also, exercise. Do you think I will be clean in 40ish days? (I am 5'7, 225 pounds, and 27 years old)... HELP!! Also, if you personally recommend a detox kit or any other things that can speed it up, I would appreciate it! (: 

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Those things are largely a rip off. They cannot guarantee anything. If you stop smoking now, you'll be clean in 40 days.

    Also look for a new job.

  • Adam D
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    2 weeks ago

    There are no detox kits that work.  Marijuana metabolites are fat soluble, so drinking extra water isn't going to do anything.  I don't know why you'd take niacin unless you have a deficiency.  While it wouldn't hurt someone your height and weight to lose a little fat, the military diet isn't particularly healthy.

    With 40 days, you've got a pretty decent chance of passing a drug test, even for a daily smoker. 

  • mac
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    3 weeks ago

    i smoked for 20 plus yrs..i had to take a test and i was clean in 1 month..i just drank alot of water,like 100 oz a day..which is healthy but drink it all day not in 1 sitting,exercise too...but everyone is diffrent i the is very hard to get "clean" matter how much you detox.....its almost impossible.....same with blood......

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