Are retail PS4 consoles and dev kit PS4 consoles the same?

Question is do retail PS4S have a dev mode kit like the Xbox one does or are they different special consoles that are handed out by Sony because i started to think that retail PS4s have a hidden dev mode and that you might end up finding a hidden dev mode setting with a button combination like the Xbox one when you press the bumpers and triggers LB RB LT RT and i know master of puppets is going to answer this question too lol when I asked this question about the ps4 dev kits they told me that it was or is a modified version of the console or just simply a version of the ps4 console that looks like a retail except it's a non retail console does have pictures of what the ps4 dev kits look like?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    No, they're different.

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