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Does this look like it called be melanoma?

So i've got a drs appointment next week but just wanted to ask for opinions online. Very worried this mole looks suspicious i only noticed it this month. Could it be cancer just by looking at it or should i wait to see the dr?


Sorry spelling error *could it be

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    Yes, it does look suspicious, but you won't know for sure until a biopsy of it is sent to pathology. It's not a clear pic close up on my phone . Don't delay seeing the doctor.  Meanwhile look at melanoma pics on Google Images to compare with yours. I had a suspicious one cut out, but it ended up just being a mole, you may or may not be so lucky. 

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    3 weeks ago

    Asking "is this cancer" about a mile is one of the most stupid questions that you could ask.   Even a doctor can't tell at a glance if something is cancer.  That's why they have to send off for a biopsy.

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    That blurry image of a mole is totally useless for any kind of diagnostic purposes.

    But within the limits of such a poor image, it simply looks like what it most likely is: a normal mole.

    Just get your doctor to check it to be safe.

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