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What are some benefits of doing research on ecosystems in biosphere 2 rather than in a natural ecosystems?

Biosphere 2: experiments in isolation it’s a book in fossweb 

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    o A natural system isn't isolated.  Here's the very first paragraph:

    "Can human beings live in an airtight building for 2 years withno life support except for the organisms they bring inside withthem? Can they set up an ecosystem that provides for their everyneed and the needs of the other populations around them?"

    Obviously a natural ecosystem isn't that.  Working in nature would give you inputs of air (with oxygen in it), outputs of carbon dioxide and other gases.  You would also get "weather" -- sunlight, rainfall, humidity coming from nature.

    The Biosphere 2 was designed for controlling inputs and outputs.

    o A real ecosystem is much larger and more complex than the ones you can build

    o You can control conditions within your artificial environment.  Carbon dioxide levels?  Oxygen levels?  Temperature?  Humidity?  Water?  These are some of the things that can be controlled in your enclosed environment that you can't control in a natural setting.

    By changing one of these, you can narrow down the responses from the inhabitants to one change in conditions.

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