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Do doctors diagnose me after my checkup or do they just check me out?

I was told that I might need to go to the doctor to get a checkup. There's nothing wrong with me, I just need to get a checkup. Do doctors make a diagnosis after my checkup or do they just check me out? I need to know because I'm a little nervous and very afraid about going to the doctor's office.

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    Then why go if you have nothing wrong with you? waste of time.

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    Contrary to popular belief, a generic doctor does not make ANY diagnosis, because they are not qualified to do so. All a family doctor is, is a referalist, they guess/guage what a problem is, and then they refer a patient to the proper resource(s) to help fix the issue.

    All that happens at a checkup, is they test the the whole body head-to-toe-

    - Heart rate

    - Lungs

    - Ear exam

    - Pelvic/Stomach exam

    - Quick genital feel

    - Reflex exam

    - Throat suvave

    - Height/Weight measurement.

    If the doctor notices anything out of place, then they will guage what the issue may be, and from there you are referred to a specialist for further evalulation at a future date. For instance, if you feel clamy, they will recommend you go down to the lab and have blood work done, to make sure all blood levels are normal/abnormal.

    Given its a mere checkup, there shouldn't be anything to fear.

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    This depends on what the health care provider does if he/she request lab work then he/she just getting the needed info to determine your satstis as in your health if he /she finds nothing wrong at the time of the visit they let you go home with a clean bill of health if this is your 1 st visit they usually weigh you take temperature, monitor the blood pressure then the HCP ask questions not to mention the questionier you have to fill out. They want to know when a person had there last physical,when they had a blood test done, what medications you may be on just general questions Until the labs all get back this way the HCP can tell if you have any infections, concerns of any illnesses, can tell some about the organ functions. so on and so on normally its pretty quick and they don't diagnose a thing with out proper testing or clutures.

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    Calm down. All doctors do is check you out for anything out of the ordinary, and IF there is something, they then try to identify what it is.

    This entire process is diagnosing; the outcome is a diagnosis. All diagnoses (plural form) are just identifications of possible problems.

    Proper identification allows for more effective treatment IF something is amiss.

    Doctors don't label people; regular people do. You should never fear any diagnosis as it merely identifies the problem. It doesn't create it.

    So many people are afraid of the doctor's diagnosis, but disease and illness don't care about a made up name! If you have cancer, you will have cancer REGARDLESS of any diagnoses made or not.

    The act of denying something's existence only to make one's self feel better is called cognitive dissonance and humans are terrific at it!

    Trump is still in office!

    Source(s): My wife is a pediatrician.
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    It depends on the doctor you go to see and the reason for the checkup. If you go to see a gynecologist for a checkup, he/she will ask some questions, request a urine sample and do a pap smear. The results of those tests will indicate whether you need further treatment. For instance, a urinary tract infection (UTI) can lead to a kidney infection, which is more serious. If you are having any unusual conditions, such as bleeding between periods or after menopause, be sure to mention it to your doctor. If you are developing a problem, the sooner you get it treated, the better.

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