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Recovering anorexia nervosa?

I was dealing with anorexia nervosa more than 10months or so. Im recovering right now cause as soon as I got it I got send to a psychologist and psychiatrist.

I used to abuse laxative in liquid as in pills.

Took like 12pills on a night and every morning and every night like three huge sips of the liquid. I used to abuse Diovol too. And drank only Cola Zero and was addicted to fasting. But also binging my food out when I got the cravings.. but now I’m recovering and I’ve been pooping back but I’ve been pooping watery like diarrhea for like two weeks. I’m going to a nutritionist next week. 

But the part of the diarrhea is it because now I’m back at eating normal and my stomach is not used to eating a routine and that’s why I’m pooping watery? And i get cramps sometimes while eating..

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    3 weeks ago

    Yes,  it's probably your digestive system reacting in shock to the food.

    However, you have to remember, you put your body through a horrific ordeal and you may always have unpleasant symptoms such as stomach pain, indigestion and IBS for the rest of your life. But at least you will be alive.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Take digestive enzymes before you eat to help digest your food.  Ask your nutritionist.  It'll help with the farting and bloating.  

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