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What is your opinion of Steven Seagal's latest film, "General Commander"?

It was released directly to DVD this year.

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  • KaleyK
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    2 weeks ago
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    "General Commander" was originally marketed as a television series about a a top secret, international paramilitary unit that fights major criminal organizations.  Because that failed, they created a "movie" to recoup some costs.  Seagal is old and fat and needs to stay home and collect Social Security. 

  • Doc
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    2 weeks ago

    Last time I watched a movie with him, he was fighting so guy in a dojo. The man is kicked across the room , rolls and grabs a bow and arrow . He shoots it at Seagal, from maybe 20 feet away . While the arrow is in flight, Seagal has time to look to the side, pick up a sword , strike a pose, and cut the arrow in two before killing the other guy.

    I stopped watching anything with him after that.

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