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Feminists - A Few Questions for you.?

Hello, thank you for reading and if you take the time to answer thank you for that too :)

1) What are you'r personal main concerns and worries that lead you to join the Feminist movement?

2) What are you personally doing to confront and overcome those concerns and worries, is there anything others can do to help?

3) Is it important to you that others in your life are also feminists?

4) What are the main cultures and counties females are oppressed?

5) What is the best ice cream?! :)

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  • Foofa
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    Feminism has devolved into factions... The old school women who just want a fair shake and then the "4th wave" who seek to destroy powerful men. If I call myself a "feminist" at all it's in league with the former. 1) The way my country allows employers to destroy the careers of women who dare to have children is my only gripe. There is no other developed nation on Earth that allows someone to be fired just because they're pregnant. 2) Absolutely nothing. 3) I couldn't care less what other people think. 4) Yemen and Afghanistan are probably the worst nation state oppressors of women. But then of course you've got non state actors like ISIS who literally collect sex slaves. 5) Black licorice if it's available, which it rarely is. I don't really like ice cream or sweets at all.

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    1. Nothing stands out specifically as far as leading me to *join* feminism, to a significant extent it's just how I was raised.  But some things that are of special concern to me:

    a. Actual legal equality, in places where it is not present (eg the Middle East)

    b. Significant harm being caused due to a lack of either legal or social equality, mostly in third-world countries (eg child brides, untreated obstetric fistulas)

    c. The positive outcomes for cultures, and the world as a whole, when women gain equality (eg economic growth, lower birthrates)

    d. (the only one I really have much of a "lever" to do anything about at present) the relatively subtle ways in which even "equal" societies like the US still send "masculine good, feminine bad" or "male normal, female abnormal" messages all over the damned place

    2. Not a whole lot I can do, personally, about A-C, though when I was in a better financial position I did donate some money to an organization that helps women with obstetric fistulas (among other similar issues).  For D, mostly talking about it, both IRL and here.

    3. For once, I actually mostly agree with Jerry.  I care more about what positions people hold than what label they opt for.

    4. Mostly Africa and the Middle East, though India, Mexico, and (afaik) most of Asia aren't exactly beacons of enlightenment, either.

    5. Butter pecan is pretty good.

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    "Feminists - A Few Questions for you.?"

    Allow me to tackle this one like an "equity feminist" would.

    1) My personal main concerns and worry that led me to bust into the feminist movement is the fact that the mainstream movement of today is no longer following the proper tenets of CLASSIC feminism.  That is, that today's feminism is no longer simple women's advocacy for equal Rights., and instead has been absorbed into the cultural Marxist agenda for radical social change.  Man-hating goes unchallenged now, and this is hardly "equality".

    2)  I am personally confronting the sexist and misandrist feminists that are making a complete mockery of the dictionary definition of feminism by calling them out by name, and demanding they no longer identify as feminists.  If feminism is -supposed to- be about equality, then there is simply NO room for a Julie Bindel, or a Jessica Valenti or a Hanna Rosin, or most of today's prominent feminists for that matter.  I am asking all other self-identified feminists to  join me in my revolutionary purge to oust any and all sexist and misandrist feminists that do not believe in proper equality.

    3) It is only important that others in my life believe in equality, no matter what they call themselves.

    4) The cultures that fall under the domain of Islam as a ruling order.  Strangely, the cultural Marxist rules that mainstream feminism pushes, excuses the crimes against women when they come from Muslims.  The entire alt-Left is afraid that criticizing this one relgion makes them racist.  This despite race not being involved in religion.

    5 ... I'll have to think about this one. So many good'n's!!


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