How do I become a high school teacher in New York? A?

I recently graduated from my university with a BA in English. Was hell bent on going to law school, but recently had a change of heart. I was wondering how I would become a high school English teacher in New York. I've done a bit of research and am still slightly confused. I'm under the impression that I'll need to go back to school for at least a year in order to obtain my initial certification/a masters in English education (secondary). From there I believe that I then take the teacher certification exam, do a few required workshops, and then I can start teaching! But lol if I'm wrong please correct me, any help is appreciated.


Additionally do any of these graduate programs offer scholarships?I think that my GPA and extracurriculars, could make me a strong candidate for an academic scholarship, however I wasn't sure if this was a thing they did in teacher certification programs. 

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