please answer if you have seen the movie wit?

Re the Initial Breaking of Bad News

Comment on Dr. Kelekian’s approach to Breaking Bad News. In what ways could it be improved? Be specific. Use quotes of suggested statements. Comment on Dr. Vivian Bearing’s response. How does she appear on the outside? How about the inside?

2. Re the pelvic exam performed by Jason Posner.

Comment on what was done and said and how you would suggest improving the communication.

3. Re discussion of prognosis.

Comment on how the physician addresses the question of prognosis as compared to the nurse, Susie Monahan. For example, focus on the time when the following was said. “My cancer hasn’t been all killed? Nurse: “They should have explained it to you.”

4. Describe and comment how Susie Monahan exhibited empathy and compassion.

5. What are your observations and impressions of the similarities and differences with regards to palliative care as demonstrated by Dr. Kelekian and Susie Monahan. Include comments on shared decision making.

6. When Vivian asks Jason, “do people talk to you about their anxieties?” How does Jason respond? How would you?

7. How has the film affected your personal interest in caring for dying patients?

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